For growth and prosperity

For growth and prosperity

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Pawan, Ongole, Andhra said...

Hello Vishnu Sankar,

Hope you are doing well, this is Pavan from Andhra Pradesh, Ongole. I am cultivating G9 variety in our fields, however we did not get better yielding, hardly each plant yielding just 20-25 kgs, i thought we failed in picking the correctly processed plants as we have supplied good amount of water and fertilizers, can you help me to select good plants for us, i mean suggest some good buyers of plants around Hyderabad or Bangalore whom we can trust .. Thanks for your help, if possible please send me info on good cultivation practices as well.


Vishnu Sankar said...

Dear Friend,

Always procure plants from biotech companies having DBT certificate and those who maintain a good brand image.
Never allow them to deliver the plants to your site. Go to their nursery, assess the age of the plant (select 4 weeks old plants at Secondary Hardening stage), insist them to grade plants in your presence from the fresh bed where no grading was done previously. If necessary, pay them extra for this work.
Some nurseries maintain separate beds for 'A', 'B' and 'C' grade plants discreetly. Make sure you are getting 'A' or a mixture of A and B grade plants only.
This is the only way to get good quality plants.
For cultivation information:

Yours friendly,
A.Vishnu Sankar

Anonymous said...

Respected sirs ,
I have read query of Mr. Pawan and the reply also.
G /9 Tissue culture Banana may be good income creating Agriculture activity as most of the agriculture activity are nature dependent and subject to market fluctuation.
I would like to ask your kind good self can this banana will attain good weight in konkan area .
2ndly how to get your ppt

Tissue Culture Banana Cultivation Technology said...

Dear Friend,

Yield of Banana is directly related to the fertility of your land, water quality, efficient water and fertilizer management, timely pest and disease management and above all your full involvement.

Please do soil test (Detailed analysis) before any venture into Banana cultivation.
A.Vishnu Sankar

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