For growth and prosperity

For growth and prosperity

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Magnesium (Mg) deficiency symptoms

Magnesium(Mg) deficiency symptoms:

  • Deficiency usually occurs in old plantations where Mg fertilizers have not been applied.
  • Leaf symptoms include yellowing of inter-veinal areas, changes in phyllotaxy, purple mottling on the petioles, and separation of leaf sheaths from the Pseudostem.
  • Affected plants produce smaller fruits with yellow pulp.
Control Measures:
    1. Application of Magnesium sulphate through drip @2kg/1000 plants every 4th day till 5th month.
    1. Manual application of Magnesium sulphate @25g/plant every 4th day up to 4th month.

    1. Spray Magnesium sulphate @2g/l of water weekly till recovery of the symptoms.

Yellowish chlorosis in centre and
Green banding in leaf margins and near mid rib area
Yellowing of inter-veinal area
A.Vishnu Sankar

Sulphur (S) deficiency symptoms

Sulphur (S) deficiency symptoms:

  • Young leaves become yellowish-white.
  • As the deficiency progresses, necrotic patches appear on leaf margins and the veins become thicker.
  • Sometimes morphology of the leaf changes and a bladeless leaf appears.
  • Plant growth is stunted and the bunches are small with chocked appearance.
Control measures:
In its elemental form Sulphur is solid and insoluble in water.  So finely ground Sulphur has to be incorporated in to the soil enabling the micro organisms to speedily oxidize it and converts it in to Sulphate form.

Most of the Sulphur requirement of the plant is met from the sulphates applied in the form of Ammonium sulphate (S-23%), Gypsum (Calcium sulphate – ‘S’ - 18%), Sulphate of Potash (S- 18%) Etc. 

In case of non-application / limited application of the above sulphates, ‘S’ nutrient can be supplemented by applying 20 gm /plant of Bentonite Sulphur (‘Gromor’ from Coromandel),  which contains about 90% of Sulphur in elemental form and only 10% as Bentonite clay. 

  1. Through Drip Irrigation:
                   Apply liquid Sulphur @ 5 L/1000 plants.
                   Apply 20 gm of Bentonite Sulphur (‘Gromor’) in 2 doses.
                   Apply 100 gm of Sulphate of Potash in 4 to 5 split doses. 
                   Apply 100 gm of Ammonium sulphate.
  1. Manual application:
                   Apply 20 gram of Sulphur granule/plant.

                  Apply 1 kg of Gypsum per plant and irrigate copiously.


A.Vishnu Sankar

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Phosphorus (P) deficiency symptoms

Phosphorus (P) deficiency symptoms:

Importance of Phosphorus:

Phosphorus (P) deficiency symptoms:
  •  Plant growth is stunted with poor root development.
  • Younger leaves a bluish – green tinge. 
  • Older leaves develop a serrated marginal chlorosis and the petioles break easily.
  • Fruit bunches show uneven maturity.

  Control Measures:
  • Drip fertigation with Mono-ammonium phosphate (12:61:0) @ 2.5kg/1000 plants every 4th day till 4th month. (OR) Manual application of 100g/plant Single Super phosphate every 4th day till 4th month.  (OR) Manual application of Di-ammonium phosphate @ 40g/plant every 4th day upto 5th month. 
  • Spray Mono-potassium phosphate (:0:52:34) @ 3g/lit of water every week upto 3rd month.

Nitrogen (N) deficiency symptoms

Importance of Nitrogen (N) in all stages of development:

Nutrient contents in a Banana fruit and leaf:

  Nitrogen (N) deficiency symptoms:
  • The leaves become pale-green at all stages of plant growth. 
  • The mid-ribs, petioles, and leaf sheaths show a reddish-pink tinge. 
  • Leaves at the crown become rosette in arrangement and the root development is also poor. 
  • Affected plants have reduced bunch weight and poor quality of fruits.

Control measures:

Application of urea at the following rate depending on the age of the plant:

a.     For 1-2 months old plant:
     Through drip:5 kg/1000 plants every fourth day upto 2 months.

                    Manually: 50g/plant upto two months.

b.     3-5 months old plant:

   Through drip:6.5kg/1000 plants every fourth day till 5th month.


                   Manually: 65g/plant every 4th day upto 5th month.

c.     6-10 months old plant:

   Through drip: 3.5kg/1000plants every 4th day till 10th month.


                   Manually: 35g/plant every 4th day upto 10th month.

Effects of excessive dosage of Nitrogen (N):

For more information on excess dose of fertilizer Click: Fertilizer burn.

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