For growth and prosperity

For growth and prosperity

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Nitrogen (N) deficiency symptoms

Importance of Nitrogen (N) in all stages of development:

Nutrient contents in a Banana fruit and leaf:

  Nitrogen (N) deficiency symptoms:
  • The leaves become pale-green at all stages of plant growth. 
  • The mid-ribs, petioles, and leaf sheaths show a reddish-pink tinge. 
  • Leaves at the crown become rosette in arrangement and the root development is also poor. 
  • Affected plants have reduced bunch weight and poor quality of fruits.

Control measures:

Application of urea at the following rate depending on the age of the plant:

a.     For 1-2 months old plant:
     Through drip:5 kg/1000 plants every fourth day upto 2 months.

                    Manually: 50g/plant upto two months.

b.     3-5 months old plant:

   Through drip:6.5kg/1000 plants every fourth day till 5th month.


                   Manually: 65g/plant every 4th day upto 5th month.

c.     6-10 months old plant:

   Through drip: 3.5kg/1000plants every 4th day till 10th month.


                   Manually: 35g/plant every 4th day upto 10th month.

Effects of excessive dosage of Nitrogen (N):

For more information on excess dose of fertilizer Click: Fertilizer burn.


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