For growth and prosperity

For growth and prosperity

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Phosphorus (P) deficiency symptoms

Phosphorus (P) deficiency symptoms:

Importance of Phosphorus:

Phosphorus (P) deficiency symptoms:
  •  Plant growth is stunted with poor root development.
  • Younger leaves a bluish – green tinge. 
  • Older leaves develop a serrated marginal chlorosis and the petioles break easily.
  • Fruit bunches show uneven maturity.

  Control Measures:
  • Drip fertigation with Mono-ammonium phosphate (12:61:0) @ 2.5kg/1000 plants every 4th day till 4th month. (OR) Manual application of 100g/plant Single Super phosphate every 4th day till 4th month.  (OR) Manual application of Di-ammonium phosphate @ 40g/plant every 4th day upto 5th month. 
  • Spray Mono-potassium phosphate (:0:52:34) @ 3g/lit of water every week upto 3rd month.


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