For growth and prosperity

For growth and prosperity

Monday, 1 December 2014

Fungal Disease (Pre & Post Harvest) – Speckle

Fungal Disease (Pre & Post Harvest) – Speckle:

Fungus Deightoniella torulosa causes 'Speckle disease' and the symptoms are minute reddish brown black spots surrounded by a green halo which develops at all stages of fruit maturity. The spots are 2 mm in diameter but may reach up to 4 mm as the fruit approaches harvesting. The fungus normally grows on the dead hanging leaves and spreads to fingers during rainy and windy weather.
Speckle disease in Banana - Initial stage on green leaf

Speckle disease in Banana - Mature stage on dead hanging leaf
Speckle disease on Banana fruit

  • Removal of decaying leaf trash including transition leaves and bracts at regular intervals especially during rainy season. 
  • Spray 0.05% Bavistin or 0.25% Kavach on weekly basis till bunch emergence and sleeving. 
  •  Using Polythene bunch cover is found to be effective.


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