For growth and prosperity

For growth and prosperity

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Enhancing bunch size of Banana through feeding N and K through distal end of rachis:

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 You are kindly requested to visit the link: "Banana Bunch Care and procedures to maximize the bunch size", which is a must read article that covers all aspects of bunch care and proven methods to increase the bunch size, before commence reading the following article. Thank you.

Maximizing banana bunch size by feeding  N and K through distal end of rachis:
There is considerable increase in bunch size in ‘Robusta’ and ‘Grande naine’ banana, when feeding the following mixture through the distal end of rachis soon after fruitset.  
Preparing the nutrient mixture:
  • Ammonium Sulphate            -           15gm
  • Sulphate of potash (SOP)    -           7.5gm
  •  Fresh cow dung                    -           500gm blended in 100 ml of water.
(Cow urine can also be used instead of water. 500 gm of fresh cow dung contains substantial amounts of about 5.5gm of N, 3.5gm of K 1.6 gm of S besides other minerals and bio-chemicals).
Method of application:
v     Select bunches where the fruit set is complete and about 10 – 15 cm long rachis is available after the last hand. Avoid bunches where fruit set is incomplete or during partial deflowering time.
v     Remove male flower bud close to the rachis.
v     Take the already prepared nutrient slurry in a used milk bag.
v     Insert the slurry filled bag into the de-navelled stalk end of the bunch and tie it with a strong string.
Ø      Bunch weight increased by 67% over control in which male flower bud was retained till harvest. In the field demonstrations, a response of 22 % to 28% increase in bunch weight was evident. Using ‘N-isotope label the movement of 51% of N into the bunch from AmSo4 was confirmed.
     (Courtasy: ICAR News, Research update, Success story, April – June 2007).
For elaborate details on "Banana Bunch Care and procedures to maximize the bunch size" click this LINK.

(Readers are requested to visit this link: 'Effect of excessive application of chemicals  on bunch'  also before exiting this page).


Anonymous said...

Good Advice. Being a farmer and consultant I have adopted this method and successful results were achieved.

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