For growth and prosperity

For growth and prosperity

Friday, 9 September 2011

Effect of excessive dose of MKP and Urea when used them for banana bunch development

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which is a must read article that covers all aspects of bunch care and proven methods to increase the bunch size, before commence reading the following article. Thank you.

A case of excessive dose of MKP and Urea when used them for banana bunch development and its detrimental effect:

The two pictures shown here under were taken at a field where the farmer was asked to spray 0.5% MKP (Mono potassium phophate) + 1% Urea on bunches for bunch development. This wrong selection and overdose of chemicals has resulted in total spoilage of the bunch due to abnormal elongation of fingers (11 to 12 inches) and very thin fingers with no scope for further development. (See the lesions in the peduncle). 

To avoid damage to the developing Banana bunch learn to use fertilizers judiciously.
At the banana bunch development stage the following fertilizers are  normally recommended to enhance the size of fruits / bunch: 

Option 1: Application of 2% (20gm / 1litre) Potassium sulphate (0:0:50) as foliar spray on bunches, two times with 15 days interval.
Option 2: Application of 1% (10gm / 1litre) Potassium nitrate (13:0:45) as foliar spray on bunches, two times with 15 days interval.
Option 3 (Considered as best since it addresses all nutritional deficiencies): Application of 0.5% (5gm / 1litre) Potassium nitrate (13:0:45) + 0.5% (5gm / 1litre) of foliar grade Micro nutrient mixture as foliar spray on bunches as first spray followed by a second application of 2% (20gm / 1litre) of Potassium sulphate (0:0:50) + Biozyme 2ml / 1litre after 15 days. Repeat the second one again as III application after 15 days interval.

Important Note 1: In all the above applications you can also add 0.2% Bavistin (Fungicide) for prophylactic control of fungal infections. Use wetting agents also. 

Important Note 2: Nowadays farmers are going for a minimum of four applications within a period of 60 days (4 sprays with 15 days interval between each spray) and are getting very good results. 

  • Care should be taken to spray the above fertilizers only after all the hands are fully opened and after sufficient extension of male flower bud in the rachis. 
  • Do not apply any fertilizers or pesticides 15 days before harvest since there is a possibility of the unabsorbed chemical residues entering human food chain.
  • Application of excess dosage of fertilizers, Enzymatic and synthetic Growth promoters and plant protection chemicals on bunches are to be strictly avoided.

Good quality bunches that were sprayed with SOP, Multi K, foliar grade M.N and Biozyme solution.

A.Vishnu Sankar


VeeJay said...

very true as I myself has gone through this issue at my farm

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