For growth and prosperity

For growth and prosperity

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Effect of excessive dose of Hexaconazole fungicide (Contaf) on Banana

Effect of excessive dose of Hexaconazole fungicide (Contaf) on Banana:

Hexaconazole is a systemic, broad-spectrum fungicide mainly used on banana. It is widely used to control rhizome rot, corm dry rot and root rot in banana and the application rate is 1ml to 1.5ml per plant for rootzone drenching. Application of the above fungicide @1ml in 200 ml of water for drenching around the plant is enough for a month old plant, 1.25 ml in 500 ml for 2 months old and 1.5 ml in1litre for plants above 3 months.

Here in the two pictures published here below, the injury caused to the the outer layers of the pseudo stem and the leaves is because of the root-zone application of Hexaconazole @ 6ml / 1litre for 3 month old plants by the farmer by mistake. Banana plants collapsed fully in places where he applied 2 litre of the above solution.


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