For growth and prosperity

For growth and prosperity

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Injury due to Gramoxone herbicide spray on Banana

Injury due to Gramoxone herbicide spray on Banana: 

The pictures published down here under show injury to banana plants due to spraying of Gramoxone herbicide without spray hoods. During herbicide application, whether it is Gramoxone or Glyphosate, the following precautions should be taken:

  1. Use only recommended dose of herbicide. 
  2. Use spray nozzles that are specially designed for weedicide / herbicide application. 
  3. Apply them under low pressure. 
  4. Do not speed. A slow move, slower than the normal leisurely walk is the ideal speed for herbicide application. 
  5. Use spray hoods mounted on spray nozzles to prevent the herbicide product to escape and cause crop injury. 
  6. During spraying the spray hood should be as close to the ground as possible make sure the hood is on the ground until it has fully moved past the plant. Raise the hood only after turning off the spray.
    A.Vishnu Sankar


deva said...

It is recomended to spray gramoxine instead of glycophos.. in erode dist by some for banana above 6months of age to avoid injury to root system. is it right?

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