For growth and prosperity

For growth and prosperity

Friday, 6 January 2012

FUNGAL DISEASE (Pre & Post - Harvest): CROWN ROT

It is the most serious post harvest problem, especially where dehandling and boxing of fruit is not carried out in modern and centralized air-conditioned plants.

  • A number of fungi are associated with crown disorder viz.   Colletotrichum musae (C.musae), Fusarium spp, Vetricullium theobromae (V.theobromae) and Botryodipiodia theobromae (B.theobromae).
  • Blackening of the crown tissue occurs initially at the cut surfaces, but the rot may spread into the crown during transportation.
  • Rotting is most noticeable if transit time exceeds 7 days and high incidence of disease may cause premature ripening of the fruits.

Dip or spray the harvested hands with 0.05% Bavistin.


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