For growth and prosperity

For growth and prosperity

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

FUNGAL DISEASE (Foliar) : YELLOW SIGATOKA (Sigatoka Leaf Spot)

YELLOW SIGATOKA (Sigatoka Leaf Spot):

In India, it is caused by Cercospora musae (C.musae), the asexual form of Mycosphaerella fijiensis.
  • Symptoms start as tiny, yellow broken streaks followed by the development of brown spindle shape lesions in the streaked areas with a yellowish halo.
  • Slowly lesions darken and become elliptical brown spots with a grayish centre demarcated by a well defined brown or black border.
  •  These lesions coalesce and enlarge causing death of leaf blade.
  • This results in reduced photosynthetic area and eventually reduced harvestable yield coupled with accelerated fruit maturity and immature ripening.
 Control Measures:
  • Keep the orchard clean, remove the diseased leaves and burn outside the plantation. 
  • Make proper drainage of water to avoid water logging. 
  • Contact fungicide Mancozeb(2.5gm / lt) or Calixin (2ml/lt) with Teepol (Sticking agent ) must be sprayed during initial symptoms. 
  • During severe infection Bavistin @ 2gm / lt or 0.1% Tilt can also be used and repeat at 15 days interval. 
  • Increment in Potassium in the fertilizer dose and 6 feet X 6 feet spacing in plantation minimizes the infestation.


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