For growth and prosperity

For growth and prosperity

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Intercultural operations

  • Management of daughter sucker:
Unwanted daughter suckers should be kept under check by desuckering once in 30 days for the better growth and development of the mother plant. It is better to damage the inner growing part of suckers rather than their removal. Kerosene (2ml) can be put on the center of damaged suckers to kill the meristem.
  •  Weeding:
Two weedings in the initial growth phase is necessary to keep the field free from weeds. Spraying of Gramoxone / Round up (2 lt/ ha) before planting is recommended.

  • Removal of male floral bud: (Denavelling)
It helps in fruit development and increase of bunch height. The male flower bud should be removed one month after emergence of last hand.

  • Earthing Up:
Keep the soil loose by harrowing at different intervals and do earthing up after 3-4 months of planting raising the soil level around the base of plants by 10 inch – 12 inch. Preparation of raised beds after planting is always better for putting the drip lines at 2 inch – 3 inch distance from the plants.

  • Trashing & Propping:
Removal of dried and diseased leaves from the field is recommended. Propping / Supporting the plants with heavy bunches can be done by suitable propping material like a stick with ‘V’ shape at one end or with bamboos. Cover the peduncle / rachis of the bunches with dried leaves to protect from sunlight during summer and bunches should be covered by perforated white or blue polybags or skirting bags to avoid pests / insects.

  • Harvesting:
Utmost care in harvesting of bunches should be taken in order to retain fruit quality. Stop irrigating the plants at least one week before harvest as it reduce fruit quality & shelf life. Harvest the bunches 100-110 days after bunch emergence. Angularity of fruits should disappear at the time of harvesting. The tissue culture raised crop gets ready for harvest within 11-12 months of planting.


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