For growth and prosperity

For growth and prosperity

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Viral disease management


  1. Banana Bunchy Top (Causal Organism, Banana Bunch Top Virus – BBTV)
Short, brittle and erect leaves having short petioles make a rosette (bunch) like formation on the upper portion of the plants. The virus is transmitted by an aphid. Infected plants do not produce bunch for commerce.
Diseased plants must be uprooted and destroyed by burning as and when the infested plant is spotted. Spraying of Metasystox or Rogor (2ml/lt) must be continued to control the vector and the spread of disease. Grower must use virus free tissue culture raised plants only.

  1. Infectious Chlorosis (Causal Organism, Cucumber Mosaic Virus –CMV)
Mild chlorotic streaks all along the leaf veins turning necrotic sometimes. Rotting of heart leaves are observed occasionally. Uproot the plants and destroy. Spray insecticides as above (mentioned in BBTV control). Avoid intercropping of vegetable crops. The disease spread by mechanical inoculation also.

  1. Banana Streak (Casual Organism, Banana Streak Virus – BSV )
Chlorotic streaks along the leaf veins turn into golden yellow color in the later stage leading to necrosis. Plant growth & vigor is retarded and the fruits get distorted.

Uproot and destroy the plants immediately after observation. Keep the plantation clean and continue spray of insecticides to avoid entry of mealy bags.

 4. Banana Bract Mosaic ( Casual Organism, Banana Bract Mosaic Virus – BBMV )

Characterized by spindle shaped pinkish or reddish streaks on flower bracts, Pseudostem, midribs and peduncle.  Bunch size is reduced and peduncle. Bunch size is reduced and peduncle is shriveled.

Immediate removal of plant from the field and maintenance of clean management practices is recommended.


hylon rodrigues, Hassan, Karnataka said...

dear sir,
sending herewith snaps of banana disease found in my
plantation.i snap has a different defficeincy and second and third
snap has bunggytop disease.plants r 4 months mail bk

You have been sent 6 pictures.


These pictures were sent with Picasa, from Google.
Try it out here:

Shri Ramco Biotech said...

Dear Sir,

Your observation is correct. The second and third photos shows plants
with BBTV (Bunchy top virus) symptoms. There is no cure possible.
Remove the plants immediately and spray the total field with an
insecticide like imidacloprid for vector control. You can add
fungicide like Tilt (propiconazole) @ 0.1% with the above spray for
the control of Sigatoka Leaf Spot attack observed in some photos.

Micronutrient application: Soil application of 15kgs of micronutrient
for 1000 plants is necessary and this quantity should not be mixed
with phosphatic fertilizers.

Normally, banana requires additional dosage of Magnesium and Calcium.
So, kindly apply 3-4 split doses of magnesium sulphate 125 grams
/plant and Calcium Nitrate 75 grams/plant.

Visit our blogspot- for any doubts.

Definetly you will get an excellant yield.

Thanking you,

With regards,

A. Vishnu Sankar

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