For growth and prosperity

For growth and prosperity

Thursday, 19 May 2011


  1. Do the planting in the evening hours during hot season. 
  2. Split open the polybag without damaging the root system. 
  3. Before planting put 8-10 gms of Furadon (Carbofuron 3G) in the small pit made for the root ball and then put the plant in the center of the big pit. 
  4. Avoid deep planting. 
  5. Do not press the soil too much around the plant. 
  6. Irrigate the plants immediately after planting. 
  7. Sowing of Sesbania or Sun hemp seeds at a little distance around the plant during summer season is beneficial as it reduces the heat and weed growth. After 45 days the plants could be mulched in soil.
Question: What are the general input requirements at the time of planting of TC Banana plants and explain the basic planting procedure ?

Answer: Please ensure the presence of following items at your farm at the time of planting:

1.      Neem Cake 200 gms/plant,
2.      Carbofuran-3G (Furadon)  10 gms / plant.
3.      D.A.P: 50 gms/plant. (OR) Single Super Phospate: 200-250 gms/plant.
4.      Vermicompost if available 500gm - 1Kg.

Instructions to be followed on the receipt of TC Banana Polybag Plants:

1.   On receipt, unload the plants carefully and keep them in standing position on moist soil bed under shade and avoid over crowding.

2.   The Plants have young white roots entangling the root ball which needs to be moistened always before planting into the field.  Therefore water the plants by a Rose can intermittently.

3.   Planting must be done within 2 days on receipt of plants and start planting in the well prepared field preferably in the evening hours and irrigate them immediately.  Maintain the root zone at the field capacity level (moist condition) for 10-12 days.

4.   The emergence of new leaves indicates the establishment of plants in the soil.  Now the fertilizer application schedule must start.
A.Vishnu Sankar.


Raghavendra Bhat said...


Do we start counting the "age" of the plants from the start of tissue culture or from the day they are planted?


Tissue Culture Banana Cultivation Technology said...

It should be always from the date of planting.

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